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2012 Denmark Conference - Watch Videos

Over 20 hours of transformational and educational 2012 META-Medicine Denmark Conference videos are available now. See list of speakers and subjects below.

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2012 Denmark Conference - Available Videos

Welcome, - Johannes R. Fisslinger - IMMA President

Liver, gall bladder, gall ducts, Johannes R. Fisslinger, USA
Johannes will introduce advanced bio-psycho-social diagnostics principles every health professional can apply in their daily practice and dive into some of the most important organs in our body, the liver and gall bladder. Johannes has been passionately involved in integrative medicine and preventive health for 20 years. He is co-founder of the Intl. META-Medicine Association, founder of National Yoga Month , Yoga-Recess™ in Schools and director and producer of the acclaimed movie TITANS OF YOGA.

The Heart, Dr. Anton Bader, DE
Dr. Bader will talk about the emotional connection and traumatic events connected to the heart including the functioning of the different heart tissue/layers.
Part 1 | Part 2

Kidneys, pancreas, digestion, metabolic syndrome (refugee conflict) - Lars Mygind, DK
What are the early warning signs in the kidney and pancreas when changes occur in the organs. Is there any physical signs? What are the psychological signs? What can I do to prevent problems or heal my organs? About Lars Mygind Danish Metamedicine master trainer, began New Medicine training in 2002 (precursor of META-Medicine, TFT/EFT master and trainer( more than 900 students) since 2002, BreathWorker since 2000, PeakStates Therapist since 2008, Laughter coach and therapist, also trained in NLP, hypnosis, kinesiology and meditation, 10 years in business as salesmanager and IT expert 1991-2000, 10 years in acting 1982-1991

Question and answer session with the Master trainers

Glands, adrenals and others, Susanne Billander, SE
Health for me is to live our soul's highest life path and purpose. It affects our whole system and lead to our being able to switch from survival stress to be nourished by the earth; connected to the light and anchored in the heart. My intention is to assist my students and clients to live their true self and to heal the body. My therapies: META-Medicine Master Trainer META Health Coach Master Practitioner i NLP Time Based Techniques Vortex Healing® Soulrealignment®

Psychological health issues (constellations), Rob van Overbruggen, NL 
Rob is a avid researcher on the mind and diseases. His first work is Healing Psyche, a book full of research that proves that the mind influences the cancer process. During this workshop you will learn to understand how the stressors affect these behavioral pattens so that you can start applying these as an extra diagnostic tool. Understanding this will totally change your viewpoint on psychiatric diseases, and you can start reading people like a book. Just based on their reactions you will know what types of stressors they experienced. It is a quantumleap in your understanding.

Welcome by Johannes R. Fisslinger(USA) and a short introduction to META-Medicine 

Dr. Dean Ornish (video 20 min.) followed by Integrative Medicine in Denmark with Gitte Retbøll

Heart disease from a META-Medicine perspektive with Lene Hansson, DK

Eye refractures with Kwesi Anan Odum MD, Germany
Dr. Kwesi Anan Odum, Ophthalmologist from Germany, is a capacity in giving concrete knowledge about the mind-body-emotion connection relating to the eyes, what he calls META-Ophthalmology. Since 2008 he practices in an eye clinic in Berlin gives seminars and workshops in META-Ophthalmology in Germany and has also been invited to lecture in Norway, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Ghana.

Psychosomatic aspects of teeth with Anette Schou Frandsen, DK
Anette will reveal the hidden wisdom of the teeth and show you how your teeth are expressing the untold story of your psyche. She will share with you how specific teeth are linked to specific types of emotional stress and how this, seen from a META-Medicine perspective, relates to specific areas of the brain. She will show you how to quickly identify which tooth is affected and how to work with this information. Anette has passionately been working with personal development for more than 20 years . She is a Master Integrative Coach, Heilpractitioner, Master NLP Practitioner, Trainer & Hypnotist and META-Medicine Trainer.

Special sessions with PeakStates, EFT/TFT and META-kinetics

Psychosomatic aspects and music with Inger Kruchov, DK 

Musculoskeletal system with Lars Mygind, DK 
Most pain comes from the muscles, bones, joints and connecting tissue, this lecture is going to explain why most pain happens and what we can do to minimize or cure the pain. We will discuss arthritis, rheumatism, morbus bechterev, fibromialgia, sports injuries and others.

Question and answer session with the Master trainers

Thresholds, Stress Patterns and Health with Robert Waghmare + Joanne Ross, UK
In this talk, Master Trainers and developers Robert and Joanne will introduce three new concepts to give you a more comprehensive understanding of META-Medicine.  They will introduce a new Health Thresholds Model. This new awareness will enable you to better unify META-Medicine with traditional and energetic models of health.  You will learn how to identify the unconscious emotional stress patterns that precede a conflict experience or dis-ease process. The Stress Pattern Elicitation Process is simple, effective and enables META-Health Coaches and Practitioners to engage with preventative medicine. 

Matrix reimprinting, the skin and lymphatic system with Penny Croal, UK 
LET'S GET NAKED WITH MATRIX REIMPRINTING. Looking at the skin, the largest organ of the human body and how it can speak to us, what it can tell us in relation to the mind-body-social-environment connection. Introduction to Matrix Reimprinting with META-Medicine how they go hand in hand.

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