2015 Standards & Training Update

META-Health and META-Medicine Certification
                  Standards 2013

Only META-Health Professionals with valid certification and membership are listed in the IMMA members directory. Search here. If you are not listed please contact us with your certification update request.

META-Health Certification Standards

The META-Health standards have been developed by the Intl. META-Medicine Association Advisory Board and committee and outline the META-Health standards and certification designations. The Intl. META-Medicine Association functions as the worldwide accreditation and educational governing body for META-Health Practitioners, Master Practitioners, Trainers and Master Trainers.

Each Master Trainer is independently responsible for his/her trainings based on the standard agreed upon and for bringing trainees up to certification standards.

IMMA is the owner of all copyrights and trademarks using META-Medicine, META-Health, META-Health Fitness, META-Healing and related international names. To ensure high quality standards worldwide, the following names and designations are used:

  • META-Health Practitioner (META-P)
  • META-Health Master Practitioner (META-MP)
  • META-Health Speaker (META-S)
  • META-Health Trainer (META-T)
  • META-Health Master Trainer (META-MT)

The names META-Health® and META-Medicine® and related names can only be used after certification by IMMA and once all certification requirements incl. membership are met. META-Health Professionals and Trainers may use META-Health related, copyrighted and trademarked designations, logos and materials as long as they are in "good standing" and fulfill all IMMA requirements for their certification level.

IMMA Membership Requirement

Every META-Health Trainee is encouraged to signup for an IMMA membership at the beginning of the META-Health Practitioner Certification Training to:

  • Access certification training materials like handbooks, worksheets and forms
  • Watch the certification webinar
  • Have full access to the IMMA webinar study library
  • Search the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief Directory
  • Download certification study and test materials

Signup for your META-Health Trainee Membership here.

For the current training and certification standards please read the PDF on the top of the page. OR just contact us. We are here for you and gladly answer all your questions.


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