META-Health Organ Directory - Android/iOS App and Browser Access

Deepen your knowledge and skills with the new META-Health Organ Directory featuring over 160 detailed organs descriptions. META-Health experts worked on the directory over the last year and after in-depth review it was agreed to make the directory available via an Android/iOs app and also through direct browser access.

This Organ Directory is the foundation for META-Health Analysis and META-Health Therapy and required study material for all META-Health trainees and health professionals.

Take advantage of our Introductory Special: Only EUR49 for Lifetime-Access

Android and iOS App

META-Health Analysis and Therapy Handbook

META-Health Analysis and Therapy Handbook

"Honestly, I did not think that I would love the Organ Directory app on my smartphone and tablet so much. Whenever needed I just do a quick search and know exactly which stress triggers, emotions, beliefs are connected to an organ tissue and which symptoms a client might experience in the stress and regeneration phase. This is an absolut MUST for everyone studying META-Health."
Johannes R. Fisslinger, President Intl. META-Medicine Association

What will be included?

You will receive access to the IMMA Organ Directory using any smartphone or tablet (via Android or iOS App) or directly through any browser by logging into your members area.

The META-Health Organ Directory directory includes:

* META-Health descriptions of over 160 organs
* Added symptoms for each organ in both phases
* Medical description and anatomy
* Improved stress triggers, emotions and beliefs descriptions
* Search by illnesses and symptoms and keywords

Who needs to get the META-Health Organ Directory?

* Everyone willing to study and practice META-Health
* Current META-Health Professionals and Trainers

Who can download the META-Health Organ Directory?

The META-Health Organ Directory can be accessed and used by META-Health students who fulfill these requirements:

* Enrolled in a META-Health Practitioner Training OR being certified already.
* Valid IMMA membership
* Donate EUR99 to IMMA for the Online/App access

Introductory Special Offer - ONLY EUR 49

Take advantage of our introductory special: Donate EUR49 and you will get full access to both the Android/iOS app and the Online Directory inside the members area.

IMPORTANT: Confirm below that you are a Trainee (Master Trainer name) or IMMA certified already. In addition please make sure your IMMA membership is up-to-date. Login here to check and update your profile. THANKS.

Valid IMMA member (add your certification year)
META-P Trainee (add Master Trainer name and start date)

You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours after your order with instructions where to download the app and how to get access to the directory.


Special Offer for NEW META-P Students - ONLY EUR 29

If your Master Trainer has included a 1-Year IMMA membership (which includes access to the the Organ Directory via PC/browser) in your Practitioner Training and you want to order additionally Android/iOS APP ACCESS then please use below orderform. Your Special App Access fee is only EUR 29.

IMPORTANT: Please confirm in advance if this option applies to you and that you have already a valid IMMA membership with organ directory PC access.

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