IMMA Research Committee

The purpose of the committee is to gather scientific research within the field of META Health® that supports the META Health viewpoint, and to share the research material with all registered members of META Health. The tasks of the committee are as follows:

  • Gather scientific research material that support our field
  • Review peer articles (submit here)
  • Publish peer reviewed articles

All META Health members are more than welcome to send links, articles etc. to the committee, so that we can build up a strong database of research that supports us in our talks, teachings and daily practice. Submit materials here.

Currently, we are collecting research projects and peer reviewed articles related to

  • Stress, Emotions and Beliefs affecting organ symptoms
  • Traumas and their effect on health
  • Effectiveness of Stress and Emotional Release Techniques

META-Health Related Research

Below selection of research papers indicate a direct link between stress, stressful life events, traumas, beliefs, socioeconomic parameters and illness and the importance for doctors and other health professionals to be trained accordingly.

Research Journals

Over the last years extensive research into lifestyle, stress, emotions, traumatic life events and epigenetics have been published. If you are interested in specific research project we suggest using below search functions:

Please check back soon for more META-Health related research links and references.